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Magnetic screw plug with hexagon socket made of stainless steel with neodymium magnet

Body material: Stainless steel

(1) Permanent magnet: Neodymium

Range temperature: +80 [°C] max ; +176 [F] max


Magnetic drain plug with hexagon socket D908 made of stainless steel. In this model the magnet is completely embedded in the body plug. Thanks to this characteristic, the risk of collision with inner gears has been avoided. The permanent magnet attracts and holds abrasive, ferrous metal particles preventing their circulation through the lubrication or hydraulic system. The magnetic ''filter'' plug is recommended for gearboxes and in any application with gears in bath of oil.

Article d i[mm] D[mm] s[mm] l[mm] weight[g] Quantity
110400212G 3/811,222814,723
110400213G 1/213,2261017,744
110400214G 3/415,2321219,775,5
110400215G 115,2391720,7121
110400216G 1 1/415,2492220,7178,5
110400217G 1 1/215,2552420,7234

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