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special execution

Breather plug free flow version made of aluminium alloy

Body material: Aluminium alloy

(1) Protection cap: White Zinc-plated Steel


The breather plug is designed to mantain at atmospheric pressure a unit even when it is under sudden chagnes in ambient temperature.This model is not filtered and permits a free flow of air.The cap protects from foreign bodies which may enter into the mechanical equipment and may cause damages.

Article d i[mm] s[mm] l[mm] weight[g] Quantity
130100047G 3/89202811
130100048G 1/210242918
130100049G 3/412323426
130100050G 113,5404356,5
130100051G 1 1/415,55051,5138

Technical sheet > PDF

ATHENA SpA – via delle Albere, 13 36045 Alonte – Vicenza (Italy) – VAT Number 00589040245
Corporation Stock €10.000.000 I.V. – REA VI: 139951 – Registro imprese di VI: 00589040245