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Breather plug bronze sinterized filter version made of stainless steel

Body material: Stainless steel

(1) Protection cap: Stainless steel

(2) Labyrinth: Stainless steel

(3) Filter: Stainless steel


The breather plug is designed to mantain at atmospheric pressure a unit even when it is under sudden chagnes in ambient temperature.This model has an internal filter which prevents oil loss and avoids entrance of dust. The cap protects from foreign bodies which may enter into the mechanical equipment and may cause damages.

Article d i[mm] s[mm] l[mm] weight[g] Quantity
130300072G 3/89202842
130300073G 1/210242965
130300074G 3/4162939115
130300075G 1163642255

Technical sheet > PDF

ATHENA SpA – via delle Albere, 13 36045 Alonte – Vicenza (Italy) – VAT Number 00589040245
Corporation Stock €10.000.000 I.V. – REA VI: 139951 – Registro imprese di VI: 00589040245