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Sight Glass made of stainless steel with real glass window

Body material: Stainless steel

(1) Window: glass

(2) OR or Flat packing ring: FKM GLT

(3) spacer: Steel

(4) contrast screen: Aluminium alloy

Range temperature: -10 +150 [°C] ; +14 +302 [F]


Oil sight glass made of stainless steel for low-pressure applications.The glass window and the FKM Viton seal are suitable for high temperature applications.This product can be used on gearboxes, heating systems, pumps and wind turbines.

Article d i[mm] s[mm] l[mm] p max[bar] weight[g] Quantity
140150021G 3/8922181023
140150022G 1/2927201035
140150023G 3/41132221051
140150024G 11040221084

Technical sheet > PDF

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