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Leveltech made of aluminium alloy with glass window

Body material: Aluminium alloy

(1) contrast screen: Aluminium alloy

(2) Gasket: FKM

(3) Window: glass

Range temperature: -10 +150 [°C] ; +14 +302 [F]


The new leveltech presentes two new features: a reduce hexagon key and a conical inner profile which avoids stagnation of the oil, and facilitate the oil level reading.The glass window and the FKM Viton seal are suitable for hight temperature applications and it is compatible with aggressive fluids.This product can be used on gearboxex, heating systems pumps and turbines.

Article d i[mm] D[mm] s[mm] l[mm] p max[bar] Cs max [Nm] weight[g] Quantity
140150041G 3/8722191710167,5
140150042G 1/29262220102311,5
140150043G 3/49322720103717
140150044G 111393424,5105825
140150045G 1 1/4114941261010530

Technical sheet > PDF

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