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NOSTRALI is leader in Europe in the design and production of performing components for oil-pressure and pneumatic fields with clients in more than 40 Countries. Thanks to the quality and solidity of our products, coming from technical skills acquired in more than 40 years of activity, NOSTRALI is a successful partner for all the sectors of industry.


Thanks to these elements NOSTRALI keeps growing since 1967.

Range of products

Our range of products includes caps, magnetic filter caps, level gauge, level indicators, breather caps, security valves, one-direction valves, joints, gaskets and other components for oil-dynamics and pressurized air.

We work in many industrial sectors. The traditional ones are:

New markets

The recent global growing competition has pushed to diversify developing new markets:

Since January 2011, to strengthen the structure, the sales net and the financial resources, NOSTRALI has entered into the industrial group ATHENA. ATHENA is located in Alonte in the province of Vicenza, and is a leading company in the field of industrial gaskets operating in Italy and abroad, with productive plants in Italy, India and Brazil.


NOSTRALI and ATHENA share the values at the base of their industrial background in the field of mechanics. The present success and the future goals are based on the human values, the spirit of continuous innovation and a particular attention to the safeguard of environment.

NOSTRALI is first of all a company made of men and women who offer their skills to understand your needs and to give you the best solutions with effectiveness and dynamism.

Our technicians

Our technicians offer the skills and experiences gathered in more than 40 years of history. They can lead you to the best solution or support you to design special products according to your requests.

Our sales and logistic staff

Our sales and logistic staff is at your full disposal to meet your needs with care and professionalism. Logistics and customer care have always been very important in NOSTRALI. We can offer several logistic solutions:

Our company is ISO 9001 certified since 2005.

Thanks to the Quality system in NOSTRALI we use the most adequate and effective methods in every production process, to grant the quality standards required by Clients.

Compant development

Nostrali has opened up its horizons further and extended its know-how, while remaining faithful to its project, by becoming part of the Athena Group - which includes Athena, Bluetech, Athena Sud, Athena USA,Vedamotors (Brazil), Athena INDIA and Athena Evolution - whose profileis becoming increasingly interactive and agile at international level.

What we offer

Co-engineering / Co-design / Patents / Consultation on materials / Research and developmentwith Universities / Product Customisation / Diversified logistics management / Logistic performance monitoring / Kanban / Custom Packing / Sales on a global scale


ATHENA SpA – via delle Albere, 13 36045 Alonte – Vicenza (Italy) – VAT Number 00589040245
Corporation Stock €10.000.000 I.V. – REA VI: 139951 – Registro imprese di VI: 00589040245