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Nowadays the company integrates a young team to its historical characters, thus creating an enterprising and experienced mix that makes NOSTRALI a dynamic and efficient company.

The NOSTRALI brand means quality, efficiency and innovative spirit. Thanks to these values, in which we in NOSTRALI strongly believe, our client is appreciated beyond the product it is matched to.

Nowadays NOSTRALI has active clients in more than 40 Countries with a whole turnover of about 5 million Euro


In 2005 the company realized they had to add efficiency and efficacy to the working processes and the internal organization. Such objective was met thanks to the ISO9000 quality system certificate.


2003 was the key year. The company experienced the successful generation change. Patrizia NOSTRALI, the daughter of Mr. Arnaldo became General Manager of the company. At the same time the company moved to Montebello Vicentino in a new building of about 2.000 sq.m.


In 2000 the first web site was published and in 2002 the company obtained the CE certificate for safety valves.


Nostrali further expanded its product range, becoming a European leader in the productionof oil-hydraulic and pneumatic components.


During the 90s NOSTRALI Arnaldo ventured beyond the national borders. The company acquired new clients in Europe, Australia, North and South America.


In 1982 the brand “NA” was registered. In the 80s NOSTRALI Arnaldo became leader in the production of components for oil-dynamic and pressurized air in Italy.


Nostrali created its first complex product: a safety valve for air compressors.


Mr. Arnaldo NOSTRALI approached the world of mechanics in the mid 50s. He started as toolmaker of automatic lathes in Montecchio Maggiore, in the heart of the Northeast of Italy. This area is nowadays well known for its high concentration of technological innovation, productivity and flexibility. After some years of experience matured near home, Mr. NOSTRALI decided to move to Turin to work for the Fiat group. Thanks to this experience he could use the first digital control machines: the microelectronic revolution had started. Back to Veneto in the first 60s, he worked as shop foreman in an important local turner shop. This was his last experience as employee and in 1967 he decided to try the entrepreneurial venture.

He arranged the family garage into a mechanical workshop. So the company NOSTRALI Arnaldo was born.

In those years of economic boom, thanks to the enterprising character of Mr. NOSTRALI, the company grew fast. It developed own products to offer to the market of compressors and power reducers such as safety valves and breather caps.



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